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      120 W. Ramapo Rd

    Garnerville, NY 10923

        (845) 364-5454

We source all our beef from local butchers each day. The natural quality of a burger stands or falls with the blend of the beef cuts and the lean-to-fat ratio. The beef cuts that make our burger patty are grounded as per our recommended blend's choice. You cannot prepare a beef meat patty more freshly.

Our tasty wings are from chicken farms that care for their animals, don’t feed any antibiotics or hormones and respect sustainable, environmentally friendly breeding. The daily control of our high-quality standards is evident in the taste.

Our fries our peeled and cut on site daily. Freshness is THE quality criterion at WingBurgers. Whether they are tomatoes, onions, lettuce or avocado, WingBurgers is supplied with market-fresh vegetables daily. At WingBurgers, we serve only the highest quality food—our food is Fresh, Natural, and Always Tasty!



When you take a bite or a sip of SoCo, you're tasting cocoa powders, hand-picked Madagascar vanilla, organic coconuts, bits of raw ginger, pure cane sugar, handmade caramel, and cream with no growth hormones from New England farms. No artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or corn syrup.

SoCo Creamery

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